GOGI characters


It is hard to believe that Babloo is Gogi’s little brother with so many years between them. He loves to eat . among his favorites is any kind of junk food. As a baby, he would doze off to sleep while still holding a half eaten chocolate chip cookies in both hands.

Babloo is not much into studies but he loves sports which give him a chance to play and have fun. His motto of life is to have fun until you are compelled to work hard,  pass exams and be a responsible man who earns.


Chacha Ji

Cousin of Nani Ama, chacha ji is a proud graduate of Aligarh University, a retired bureaucrat and a person who loves telling stories and relating anecdotes .Gogi’s family has heard them so many times before that when he starts with one ,the kids easily finish it off for him. He is physically active what with his stringent diet and exercise program .He is always telling kids of today what a principled life children of his times led, much to the dismay of the computer whizz kids.



My main inspiration for Gogi was my grandmother. Gogi is a bubbly young girl who finds the funny side of life in every situation.She may come across as a very modern plus hip young lady but deep down she is steadfast to her traditional values and cultural norms. Modern and confident, Gogi knows in her mind that only equal opportunities for all can lead the nation to progress plus prosperity.

Gogi says:

“I enjoy a unique relationship with Nani jaan for whom I have the utmost respect. She’s always said to me “I trust you until I find out you’re lying to me”. Hence, I fear losing her trust but furthermore, it has drawn me to adopt this as my universal motto for trusting others.”



The youngest in the family Gochi is the brainy prodigy of the family;loves reading books and finds writing stories very exciting. She likes to draw too, her friends are group writing a book and they term it as the desi answer to Harry Potter. Gochi is quiet, unassuming and gives very unexpected and intelligent remarks at times. She tries to get Babloo out of trouble if only he would listen to her


 Nani Amma

The supergran of the family ;she reads editorials to Gochi as bedtime stories before putting her to sleep.She is energetic and fun to be with, as she is still young at heart.She loves her paan daan and maintains it whole heartedly saying: “it is heading towards extinction somebody has to save the heritage”.She surprises everyone with her computer skills and says: “I don’t want technology to bypass me


 Butt Bhai

Butt Bhai Is Gogi’s live in cousin who attends a medical college. As a student, with not much money in his pocket, he still manages to take Gogi out for coffee from time to time. He may take Gogi out for coffee but she always ends up paying the bill herself. But Butt bhai has philosophies and unending stories to tell which capture Gogi’s attention but do not impress her all the time.

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